Application Process

Common Enrollment Questions

How many programs are available?

Currently there are approximately 19 programs available to juniors and seniors. The majority of the programs are College Tech Prep, which provide a strong background for continued training at technical schools or college. Programming is ever changing since we work with business and industry to identify local training needs.

How do I select a program?

In January of every year, Apollo has a day called “411Blast” where students from our districts are invited to visit two programs of interest. If you still aren’t sure which program meets your needs, an appointment can be made with one of the Apollo guidance counselors for a personal tour. Parents are ALWAYS invited! We also host an Open House in April and would love to have to join us at that time as well.

Who can attend Apollo?

Apollo serves 11 districts: Ada, Allen East, Bath, Bluffton, Columbus Grove, Elida, Hardin Northern, Perry, Shawnee, Spencerville, and Wapakoneta. All incoming students must be on track for graduation, at least 16 years of age, and meet the minimum number of credits. Students have the most success in Tech Prep programs if they have a strong math and science background. Students living outside the district can apply for Statewide Open Enrollment.

What courses should I take at my home school prior to enrolling at Apollo?

All Apollo students must have passed two English classes, at least two math classes, at least one social studies class, and at least one science class. Therefore, you should plan to have all other home school requirements such as health, physical education, fine arts, and additional science or social studies credits needed prior to coming. A total of eight core credits are required for admission.  If you are considering Health Science or Sports Fitness and Exercise Science, you will also need to have passed Biology and Algebra 1 prior to coming to Apollo.  A regular schedule at Apollo provides 7 credits per year for a total of 14 credits after two years.

Once I’ve made my decision to attend Apollo, how do I apply?

You can  apply on-line! You and your parents will complete most of the application; however, home school counselors will be instrumental in counseling you as to what programming would help you meet with the most success. Applications will be accepted from the second Tuesday in February through the end of the second week of the school year.

Why should I select two programs?

You have an opportunity to select two programs of choice. If your first choice is full but your second choice is open, you will be placed in your second choice and put on a waiting list for your first choice. If an opening occurs in your first choice and you are the next person on the list, you will be notified of the change. Changes can be made through the end of the second week of the school year. Most students get into their program of choice by that time. If you are only interested in one particular program and a second choice is not indicated, your application will be processed accordingly.

How will I know if I’m in a program?

As soon as your application is processed, you will receive a letter from Apollo with your status. In addition, most instructors contact their students prior to the start of school to answer any specific questions. Students may receive a tentative letter initially. Letters confirming final placement status will be sent after end-of-year credits have been received by Apollo from the home school district.

How do I get additional information?

Your home school guidance counselors are fully aware of our programming and have many of the answers to your questions. If you need specific answers to questions or would like to visit Apollo, please call Jamie Buell @(419)998-2920 or email