Application Process

Common Apollo Enrollment Questions


How many career programs does Apollo offer?
Currently, there are over 20 programs available to juniors and seniors. The majority of the programs are College Tech Prep, which provide a strong background for continued training at technical schools or colleges. In many of the programs, students are able to receive college transfer credits when continuing their education in the career field if they meet the requirements within the programs.

How many credits do I need to get accepted into an Apollo program?Students need to have a total of 8 earned credits for admissions to Apollo. The 8 credits need to consist of 2 English credits, 2 Math credits, 1 Social Studies credit, 1 Science credit, and 2 additional state required credits. Credits must be verified by transcript before the beginning of the school year.

When should I apply for enrollment to Apollo?
The application process starts on Initial Enrollment Day, which is the second Tuesday in February. Students can complete the online application before this date in order for school counselors to submit their transcripts to Apollo by this date. Students may also apply online after this date and prior to the beginning of next school year, however, they may experience programs already having waiting lists after Initial Enrollment Day.

Why should I select two programs when applying?
You have an opportunity to select two programs of choice. If your first choice is full but your second choice is open, you will be placed in your second choice and be put on a waiting list for your first choice. If an opening occurs in your first choice and you are the next student on the list, you will be notified of the change. Changes can be made through the end of the second week of the school year.

 Can I still participate in band or other extracurricular activities at my high school?
We encourage students to stay involved in their extracurricular activities while attending Apollo. Students may be scheduled to be released early to drive back to their home high school in order to take band or another class at the end of the day. Students may also be scheduled to arrive late in order to be in band or another class at the beginning of the day. Students may also participate after school in various sports or extracurricular activities with their high school Students must work with their school counselor on their schedule prior to starting at Apollo. (Students can also participate in CCP and still attend Apollo.)

Does Apollo provide transportation?
Our 11 member school districts provide transportation to and from Apollo each day. Please contact your home high school about the bus arrangements. Students may also choose to drive to Apollo and will receive a parking pass before the school year begins.

Who attends Apollo?
Apollo serves 11 school districts: Ada, Allen East, Bath, Bluffton, Columbus Grove, Elida, Hardin Northern, Perry, Shawnee, Spencerville, and Wapakoneta. Students living outside of these school districts can apply for Statewide Open Enrollment.

When will I know if I am accepted to attend Apollo?
Applications and transcripts for resident member district students will begin processing on the second Tuesday of February. Students should receive a tentative letter by April.  Open Enrollment applications, students that reside outside of our 11 member school districts, will begin mid-April. Open Enrollment students should receive a tentative letter by May.

After final transcripts are received in June from all schools, students will receive their official notices, with an acceptance key, by the beginning of July. After receiving your official acceptance letter and key, instructors will contact students prior to the beginning of the school year.


Do students wear uniforms at Apollo?
Students are required to wear uniforms specific to their program. More information will be provided to students regarding uniforms after official acceptance to Apollo.

How do I get additional information?
Your high school counselor will be able to provide you with information about Apollo. You may also contact Jamie Buell, Supervisor of Student Services, at 419-998-2920 or email