Firefighting Technology

Apollo Firefighter

Firefighting Technology is for students who want to pursue a career as a firefighter or may want to continue on in a career as an emergency medical technician. This program allows students to gain real-world experience in the areas of fire science and introduction to EMT. Students who successfully complete this program will have the opportunity to earn a Firefighter I and Firefighter II certification. You’ll learn how to safely manage fire within structures by actually entering into a controlled burn atmosphere in your senior year.

Skills Learned:

  •  Hazardous materials response
  • Vehicle extrication
  •  Rope rescue
  • Confined space rescue


Potential Careers:


 Level II Firefighter

With additional training EMT and EMS

Certifications and Credentials:
Firefighter I – 12 points
Firefighter II – 12 points
CPR/First Aid – 1 point