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Adult Education Directory
Attendance Line  Please call by 8 a.m.  419.998.2900
Askins, Katie Teaching Assistant 419.998.2941
Barton, Joan Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant 419.998.2911
Benda, Jody Sports Fitness & Exercise Science Instructor 419.998.2927
Blymyer, Carla Teaching Assistant 419.998.2944
Bowersock, James Teaching Assistant 419.998.2949
Bowsher, Cindy Cosmetology I Instructor 419.998.2901
Brachok, Jennifer Family & Consumer Science (Bath Satellite)
Brown, Linda Science 567.940.4719
Buell, Jamie Instructional Supervisor 419.998.2920
Cadle, Kim Treasurer’s Assistant/Cashier/Accounts Receivables 419.998.2919
Carver, Angela Math Instructor 567.940.4719
Caudill, Shelly Cafeteria Manager 419.998.2944
Clifford, Kelly Intervention Specialist 567.940.4100
Clymer, Brian CBI Instructor 419.998.2931
Conner, Megan Health Science Instructor 567.940.3814
Conner, Steve Welding Instructor 419.998.2940
Cook, Barb School Nurse 419.998.2904

Cox-Eley, Mallory

Student Services Administrative Assistant 419.998.2921

Daley, Martin

Teaching Assistant
Dicke, Mike Automated Manufacturing Technology 567.940.3800
Dickey, Hanna Math Instructor 567.940.4720
Diglia, Mike Print & Graphics Instructor 419.998.2937
Diglia, Sheryl Health Science Instructor 419.998.2936
DuBois, Mike Math/Science Instructor 419.998.2953
Dukes-Norton, Dana District Communications Manager 419.998.2947
Earl, Nick Dean of Students 419.998.2916
Erb, Todd In School Suspension 419.998.2933
Fisher, Gideon MultiMedia Instructor 419.998.3847
Grimm, Darin Computer Information Support Instructor 419.998.2906
Gronas, Tevyn Teaching Assistant/Tutor 567.940.3812
Gronas, Vanessa Family & Consumer Science (Shawnee Satellite)
Haller, Tim Teaching Assistant
Hedges, Will Construction Equipment Instructor 419.998.2967
Hemmelgarn, Stephanie Math Instructor 567.940.4734
Herbst, Jay Social Studies Instructor 567.940.4707
Hesseling, Irene Teaching Assistant 419.998.2942
Holbrook, Sherli Math Instructor 419.998.3910*
Holly, Tim Science Instructor 419.998.2943
Horner, Keith Superintendent 419.998.2910
Johnson, Bruce Instructional Supervisor 419.998.2991
Jamison, Sarah Special Education Coordinator 567.940.3882
Kantner, Ross Special Ed Coordinator/Career Assessment 419.998.2983
Keller, Michele Receiving Administrative Assistant 419.998.2974
Kentner, Matt Technology Specialist 567.940.3918
Kinzer, Matt Technology Specialist 419.998.3918
Klima, Connie High School Administrative Assistant 419.998.2973
Knutzen, Colette Intervention Specialist 567.940.3810
Krites, Darla Integrated English Instructor 567.940.4713
Lambert, Dawn High School Administrative Assistant 419.998.2917
Larimore, Keisha Family & Consumer Science (Elida Satellite)
Lowden, Marnie Career Exploration Instructor 567.940.3910
Lyles, Jarrod Maintenance Associate
Maier, Sheryl High School Administrative Assistant 567.940.3831
Malone, Diana Administrative and Medical Office Technology Instructor 419.998.2928
Maltsbarger, Danial Teaching Assistant 419.998.3812
Mathews, Roger Automotive Technology Instructor 567.940.3834
McKivison, Deb Treasurer’s Assistant/Accounts Payable 419.998.2914
Michel, Nick Facilities Manager 419.998.2907
Morris, Courtnee Early Childhood Education Instructor 419.998.2905
Nagel, Lynne Cosmetology II Instructor 419.998.2901
Nickles, Jim Carpentry Instructor 419.998.2941
Overholt, Allison Communications Assistant 419.998.2957
Piehl, Sandi Assistant Treasurer/Payroll 419.998.2913
Pitts, Julie Family and Consumer Science (Perry Satellite)
Pohlman, Dennis Agriculture (Elida Satellite)
Pollock, Alan Computer Assisted Design 419.998.2935
Preston, Mark Maintenance Associate 419.998.2907
Prichard, Patrick Career Based Intervention (Bluffton Satellite)
Prince, Carrie Culinary Arts Instructor/Garden Cafe 419.998.2945
Prinsen, Tobin Asst. Director of Adult Programs 419.998.2939
Pyles, Crystal Mental Health Coordinator 567.940.3908
Rambin, Keith Industrial Technology (Wapak Satellite)
Rellinger, Maria Treasurer/CFO 419.998.2912
Riley, Lori Teaching Assistant 419.998.2944
Roll, Melissa Social Studies Instructor 567.940.4717
Roof, Brittany Treasurer’s Assistant/District Office Administrative Assistant 419.998.2923
Sammetinger, Nick Instructional Supervisor 419.998.2903
Schroyer, Dick Technology Manager 419.998.2932
Seech, Meridith Social Studies Instructor 419.998.2903
Sheipline, Tasha Director of High School Programs 419.998.2909
Shellenbarger, Jeremy School Resource Officer 567-940-3823
Shepherd, Tara Director of Adult Programs 419.998.2972
Slechter, Sherri CA Teaching Assistant 419.998.2945
Smith, Chris Technology Specialist 419.998.2924
Smith, Yvonne Social Studies Instructor 567.940.4730
Solomon, Kristie High School Counselor 419.998.2902
Sperling, Diana English Instructor 567.940.4641
Stein, Carolyn Science Instructor 567.940.4714

Jennifer Stepleton

English Instructor 567.940.4723
Stuttler, Natalie Science Instructor 567.940.4726
Swanger, Jennifer EMIS 419.998.2919
Sweigart, Mark Automotive Collision Technology Instructor 419.998.2951
Taylor, Leigh Project Search 419.226.9724
Taylor, Ryan Construction Trades (Shawnee Satellite)
Tooley, Jacob English Instructor 567.940.4729
Towey, Jan Assessment Center Assistant 419.998.2946
Warnement, Joe Floral Design/Interiors Instructor 419.998.2934
Washam, Chris Construction Equipment Technology Instructor 419.998.2967
Webster, Brooke Intervention Specialist 419.998.3930
Wells, Randy Advanced Manufacturing Careers
Wheeler, Gary Custodian 419.998.2907
Wheeler, Tammy Custodian 419.998.2907
Whyman, Lila Media Specialist 419.998.2948
Wise, Rod Building and Renovations Instructor 419.998.2942
Yingling, Brock Firefighting Technology Instructor 419.998.3912
Zumberger, Greg School Counselor 419.998.2915
Adult Education Directory