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Please remember to check with your home school counselor and/or their website for scholarships specifically for students from your school.

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*Scholarship opportunities are also shared with Apollo students through their Schoology account.

Each year millions of dollars are awarded to high school seniors planning on attending college the following fall. Scholarships are awarded nationally, locally and by school district. Below we have listed some good websites to help you in your search for national scholarships. We also have included a listing of some local scholarships available as well. In many instances, Apollo does not receive information on local scholarships and those specifically given only to students from a particular school district. So, we strongly encourage you to speak with your home school guidance counselor and check the guidance portion of your home school’s websites. Direct links to each member district’s guidance site are listed below.

Remember to be sure to check with any organization or company of which you and/or your parent(s) are affiliated. Many companies or unions have scholarship opportunities available for children of employees. In addition, if you as a student are employed, don’t forget to check with your employer. Many student employers have scholarship money available. For example, there are a number of scholarships for individuals who have worked as a golf caddie, etc. Also, be sure to explore scholarships in the following categories: Banks, churches, credit unions, clubs, unions, and volunteer organizations.


Fast Web – Offers personalized matching of scholarships to your unique profile, has links to millions of scholarships worth billions of dollars available, and new scholarships are added every day, all year long.

College Answer – Your search will provide access to an award database that contains more than 2.9 million scholarships worth over 16 billion dollars , and is expanded and updated daily. Sallie Mae’s search combines superior search technology with highly accurate scholarship information.

United Negro College Fund – You can use this site to search through hundreds of scholarship and grant programs administered by the United Negro College Fund. You will have access to both UNCF scholarships and scholarships administered by many other organizations. Use our advanced search feature to find a scholarship program that matches your academic interests and career goals.

Adventures In Education Provides a web site and other free resources to students, parents, counselors, and educators, AIE encourages individuals to discover and pursue educational opportunities. AIE promotes a better tomorrow by preparing students and families for the adventure today.

School Soup Providing students with scholarships and other financial aid options.

Alexander Schools – This page lists and links to more than 60 no-cost scholarship websites.

More Opportunities – Our goal is to help you quickly and easily find and learn more about the traditional colleges, online colleges, career schools and/or graduate schools which best meet your individual educational needs.